Eat in Season – Healthy Recipes

I bought this book by Terry Walters called Clean Food.  It has some of the healthiest recipes and detailed information about what foods are in season.  Some of them take more time than what I have in the kitchen but the charts and suggestions for each season help with variety through out the year.

I also found this chart while on Pinterest called “Eat in Season” from a UK website: We are spoiled living in the Twin Cities with varieties of fresh fruits and vegetables year round. I was reminded over Christmas a few weeks back in my home town of a busting 3500 people how grocery shopping can be more limited.  Terry’s Clean Food cook Book and chart should help the small town and big town grocery shopping by narrowing down what in season so you have some of the best possible fruits and vegetables for that time of year.

Eat in Season Chart

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Chicken, Feta & Cherry Tomatoes


4 lbs Chicken or Turkey  (Breasts, Legs, your choice)

1 Cup Chicken Broth


2 Cloves Garlic (finely chopped)

1 container Cherry Tomatoes (cut in half)

Feta Cheese

Optional:  Black Olives


Place chicken and broth in roaster

Top with Oregano, Garlic, Cherry Tomatoes (black olives)

Cook on low for 5 hours

Add Feta and enjoy.

Happy Cookin’!

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27 Fat Loss Crimes … Insider Report

RAD Boot Camp Special Insider Report

“27 Fat Loss Crimes

Robbing YOU of

Looking Great Naked…”

27 Fat Loss Crimes

Crank it!

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Old Man If…

Today is my 35th Birthday and I thought this is appropriate for ALL of the excuses you can conjure.  This is straight out of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.  Check it out…

Old Man If...


By Old Man IF

People who do not succeed have one distinguishing trait in common. They know all the reasons for failure, and have what they believe to be air-tight alibis to explain away their own lack of achievement.

Some of these alibis are clever, and a few of them are justifiable by the facts. But alibis cannot be used for money. The world wants to know only one thing-HAVE YOU ACHIEVED SUCCESS?

A character analyst compiled a list of the most commonly used alibis. As you read the list, examine yourself carefully, and determine how many of these alibis, if any, are your own property. Remember, too, the philosophy presented in this book makes every one of these alibis obsolete.

IF I didn’t have a wife and family . . .

IF I had enough “pull” . . .

IF I had money . . .

IF I had a good education . . .

IF I could get a job . . .

IF I had good health . . .

IF I only had time . . .

IF times were better . . .

IF other people understood me . . .

IF conditions around me were only different . . .

IF I could live my life over again . . .

IF I did not fear what “THEY” would say . . .

IF I had been given a chance . . .

IF I now had a chance . . .

IF other people didn’t “have it in for me” . . .

IF nothing happens to stop me . . .

IF I were only younger . . .

IF I could only do what I want . . .

IF I had been born rich . . .

IF I could meet “the right people” . . .

IF I had the talent that some people have . . .

IF I dared assert myself . . .

IF I only had embraced past opportunities . . .

IF people didn’t get on my nerves . . .

IF I didn’t have to keep house and look after the children. . .

IF I could save some money . . .

IF the boss only appreciated me . . .

IF I only had somebody to help me . . .

IF my family understood me . . .

IF I lived in a big city . . .

IF I could just get started . . .

IF I were only FREE . . .

IF I had the personality of some people . . .

IF I were not so fat . . .

IF my talents were known . . .

IF I could just get a “break” . . .

IF I could only get out of debt . . .

IF I hadn’t failed  . . .

IF I only knew how . . .

IF everybody didn’t oppose me . . .

IF I didn’t have so many worries . . .

IF I could marry the right person . . .

IF people weren’t so dumb . . .

IF my family were not so extravagant . . .

IF I were sure of myself . . .

IF luck were not against me . . .

IF I had not been born under the wrong star . . .

IF it were not true that “what is to be will be” . . .

IF I did not have to work so hard . . .

IF I hadn’t lost my money . . .

IF I lived in a different neighborhood . . .

IF I didn’t have a “past” . . .

IF I only had a business of my own . . .

IF other people would only listen to me . . .

IF  * * * and this is the greatest of them all * * * I had the courage to see myself as I really am, I would find out what is wrong with me, and correct it, then I might have a chance to profit by my mistakes and learn something from the experience of others, for I know that there is something WRONG with me, or I would now be where I WOULD HAVE BEEN IF I had spent more time analyzing my weaknesses, and less time building alibis to cover them.

Building alibis with which to explain away failure is a national pastime. The habit is as old as the human race, and is fatal to success!  Why do people cling to their pet alibis? The answer is obvious. They defend their alibis because THEY CREATE them! A man’s alibi is the child of his own imagination. It is human nature to defend one’s own brain-child.

Building alibis is a deeply rooted habit. Habits are difficult to break, especially when they provide justification for something we do. Plato had this truth in mind when he said, “The first and best victory is to conquer self. To be conquered by self is, of all things, the most shameful and vile.”

and One of my TOP FIVE favorite quotes…

“Life is a checkerboard, and the player opposite you is TIME. If you hesitate before moving, or neglect to move promptly, your men will be wiped off the board by TIME. You are playing against a partner who will not tolerate INDECISION!”

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Fun with Veggie Trays

Veggie trays don’t have to be boring, these look just as a good as a bowl of M & M’s!  Ok, so maybe that’s stretching it a bit but none the less, dig in and feel good about it.

Eddie Ross


Martha Stewart

What are your favorite raw vegetables, and how do you like to serve them?

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Homemade Protein Bar Recipe – AdvoCare Muscle Gain

Muscle Gain Protein Bar Recipe

No Baking, 3 simple ingredients for a quick healthy snack.

AdvoCare Muscle Gain | Best Protein Powder

Oats – 2 cups

AdvoCare Chocolate Muscle Gain – 2 cups

Almond Butter – 2 jars (1 reg & 1 Chocolate)

In mixer (power mixer recommended unless you want a serious forearm burnout) mix together Muscle Gain & Oats.

Slowly add in almond butter.

Spread into pan

Cut and Freeze.

We keep ours stored in the freezer, they soften (and become sticky) quickly.

Brad insists they taste like brownies, that might be why this tray disappeared quickly… but if your not a chocolate fan you can also make these with the Vanilla Muscle Gain and use 2 jars of regular Almond Butter, just as yummy.


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Post-Pregnancy Fat Loss – Confessions of a Trainer’s Wife – Week 6

6 weeks already?!?!?!  I could see my belly shrinking on a daily basis but I am positive even before measuring that my triceps are more than likely exactly the same.  Same meaning, I can almost fly.  Yup, they just hang there flapping in the wind (doesn’t help they haven’t seen the light of day since last summer).  I didn’t really think carrying the baby seat around a few times would make a difference but a girl can hope, right?  I am looking forward to the car seat being easier to carry though.  So insert gym, yes its been six weeks so I can officially start a workout routine.

Let’s review progress since week two.

Time Frame: 4 weeks

Here is front view 2 wk/6wks

Side view:  That’s not beer folks. That’s straight up animal crackers and Fiber One bars.

(As husband says: “crosses the lips…straight to the hips”)

Iced Animal Crackers Fiber One Bars

Did you see that?  Belly smaller, Tri’s missing.

2-6 week Measurement breakdown:

Inches lost:  4.25

Weight lost: 10.6 lbs

Body Fat percent down .6%

Lean Body Mass down 4 (that’s not good).

So let’s tackle Lean Body Mass, direct reflection of my protein intake.  Easy fix replace animal crackers with Muscle Gain, lucky for me it comes in Chocolate and each serving is 25 g of protein.

This all reminds me of a pretty awesome quote I read today:

Losing weight is hard,
maintaining weight is hard,
staying fat is hard,

In addition to the Muscle Gain I’m still taking the following:

Advocare Products:




ProBiotic Restore Ultra

Fiber Drink

Catalyst (3 capsules x 3 times a day)

PS  So I was able to put a pair of pre-pregnancy jeans.  NOT Pretty…BUT(T) I got ‘em on. :)

PPS  These last 4 weeks with the little one has flown by so FAST, here’s to these love handles disappearing faster.

Till next time.


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Post-Pregnancy Fat Loss – Confessions of a Trainer’s Wife

So I had a baby, and my body is just not the same.  What’s even more sad is I let it go before I even got pregnant, that’s were the big LBs come in.  I managed to pack on 25 lbs prior to even getting pregnant, I was back at my weight prior to starting AdvoCare products and working out at RAD Boot Camp.  I self destructed my hard work with the snooze button and started skipping my 5:30 AM workout and shortly there after got lax on my nutrition AND supplements.

So here’s when I was at my best, looking my best but more importantly I felt AWESOME.

Oh I miss those arms, hoping I find them soon :)

Lesson #1 in any weight loss body transformation:  Take GOOD before and after pictures.  The after pictures are always easy, it’s the before pictures you need to force yourself to take today.  I learned the hard way the first time around, no before pictures (well I’m sure there were some but every one was thrown to the trash) and this is one of the few after pictures.

Good news though, I’ve got some great before pictures this time around.

This is 2 weeks post baby:

Jean Size: 10

Body Fat: 29.3%

Weight: 8 lbs away from pre-pregnancy weight

Did you catch that, I am already 8 lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight.  It’s a love hate, as any female would love that number on the scale but realistically I am in horrible shape so let’s do whats right and not concentrate on the scale but instead how I feel and the condition of my body.  I’ll rank it a 3 out of 10!

***As a side note it is also important to know during my recovery I’ll take the first 6 weeks post-partum pretty slow, I ended up with a C-Section and I have been strictly advised not to do ANYTHING.  Lucky for me I’ve got awesome products on my side and I’ll get a head start.

So here goes the embarrassing part:

But keep in mind 2 weeks prior I looked like this :)

Here’s what I’m taking so far:

Advocare Products:

Continuing my prenatals (Omega & Coreplex)



Fiber Drink

Starting at week 2 added in Catalyst (3 x 3 times a day)

Looking forward to sharing my progress and keeping my self accountable, updates again soon.’


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RAD Boot Camp Body Transformation Challenge #4 Winners

St. Paul – Woodbury | RAD Boot Camp Body Transformation Challenge #4 Winners!

Big Props to ALL who stepped up for this contest!  You are all on your way to amazing body transformations.

Here’s how it went down.

Men – 1st Place

6 Month RBC Membership ($870 Value)

St. Paul RAD Boot Camp Body Transformation Challenge - Jake

Jake Junge

Inches LOST -18.5 inches
Weight LOST -30 lbs
Jean Sizes LOST -1 jean sizes
Body Fat LOST -4.8% body fat

Men – 2nd Place

3 Month RBC Membership ($485 Value)

St Paul Boot Camp Body Transformation Contest - Kerry

Kerry Larson

Inches LOST -7 inches
Weight LOST -17 lbs
Jean Sizes LOST -1 jean sizes
Body Fat LOST -3.6% body fat

Women – 1st Place

6 Month RBC Membership ($870 Value)

St. Paul RAD Boot Camp Body Transformation Challenge - Jill

Jill Brown

Inches LOST -14.5 inches
Weight LOST -18.8 lbs
Jean Sizes LOST -1 jean sizes
Body Fat LOST -5.1% body fat

Women – 2nd Place

3 Month RBC Membership ($485 Value)

St. Paul RAD Boot Camp Body Transformation Challenge - Kate

Kate Steineman

Inches LOST -15 inches
Weight LOST -15 lbs
Jean Sizes LOST -3 jean sizes
Body Fat LOST -3% body fat

Most Improved

($100 Value)

St. Paul RAD Boot Camp Body Transformation Challenge - Courtney

Courtney Kerr

Inches LOST -10 inches
Weight LOST -15.4 lbs
Jean Sizes LOST -1 jean sizes
Body Fat LOST -4.2% body fat

Want RESULTS like this?  Go here >> RAD Boot Camp

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